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Popular misconceptions should not stand in the way of adoption

Deciding to have a family, be it through biological means or adoption, is an exciting time in a family's life in Georgia. Many people decide to adopt after finding out they are unable to have a child because of fertility issues. Others simply choose adoption for personal reasons. Whatever the reason for deciding to adopt, there are some misconceptions that people may have regarding adoption.

Adoption can be a small step in helping the drug crisis

The drug crisis continues to be a dominant story in the news in Georgia and around the country. In addition to the adults and teenagers suffering because of addiction, there is also a large number of babies being born addicted to drugs as a result of a birth mother's addiction. Some of these babies are getting a second chance thanks to adoption.

Challenges of modern-day adoption

In the 1950s society's definition of a family centered around mom, dad and the children. As time has passed, composition of the family structure in Georgia has changed. Single parent families, extended families, grandparents raising children and same-sex families have all added to the family landscape. This can complicate the issue of the child's best interest as it applies to adoption.

Adoption can be a beautiful thing

Making the decision to adopt can be the beginning of an exciting adventure. Deciding to go on that adventure through the Georgia foster care system can widen the adventure and may include siblings in the story. That is what happened in a recent adoption in Athens.

Adoption through the foster system can be less costly

The number of foster children is at an all-time high.  The number of children in the foster care system in Georgia in May reached 15,000 for the first time. That number has since decreased slightly to around 14,900. The state is looking at different options to further reduce the number. One of these options is adoption.

Changes in adoption law make it easier to adopt in Georgia

Adoption just became easier in the state of Georgia. A bill that was signed into law in March has recently gone into effect. The law lifts some restrictions and eases others. It  eliminates some of the reasons that families looking into adoption have looked outside the state of Georgia.

Adoption or fostering a child can be very rewarding

Deciding to adopt or foster a child can be an exciting time. Fostering a child provides an alternative path to possible adoption. In Georgia, it can provide a safe and nurturing home environment to a child who badly needs that through no fault of his or her own. Adoption through fostering can also be a less costly undertaking.

Fostering can lead to successful adoption

Couples in Georgia who are considering adoption and are not sure where to start may want to consider fostering a child. Fostering can lead to adoption and can be very rewarding for all of those involved. A recent article recounted the story of a young woman who was adopted through the foster program. She recounted her experience and the impact it has had on her life.

Fostering can be a more economical path to adoption

The decision to adopt a child in Georgia can be the beginning of a long but rewarding adventure. While most couples are interested in adopting newborns, the number of foster children looking for permanent homes is on the rise. There are advantages to adopting a foster child. One of those is that the cost of the adoption can be less.

Georgia just made adoption a little easier

Making the decision to adopt a child in Georgia and bring a new child into a family can be an exciting time in a couple's lives. While it's an exciting time, it can also be a stressful time. There are many steps to be completed in the adoption process before a family can bring their new child home.

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