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Americans continue to drive while distracted

Despite the fact that people in Georgia and across the country know that it is dangerous to drive while texting or otherwise distracted, almost 80 percent of Americans continue to report that they chat on the phone while driving. In addition, over 30 percent admit that they have narrowly avoided a car accident due to their own distraction. Further, many drivers are expected to remain in touch with their employers even while behind the wheel.

Avoid car crashes in excessive sunlight

Drivers in Georgia may face an unexpected danger on their morning and afternoon commutes: the loss of visibility created by excessively bright sunlight. While few drivers link sunny days to a dangerous driving situation, the risk of a serious car accident is 16 percent greater in bright sunlight than in average weather conditions. The glare that comes from a rising or setting sun can make drivers uncomfortable; they may squint or even close their eyes to avoid the bright light, leading to risky situations. By keeping the following tips in mind, drivers can help to stay safe in bright sun.

AAA study finds drivers overestimate car safety features

Georgia residents who own vehicles with advanced safety features like blind-spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking should be aware of their key limitations. Many do not, as the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found out in a recent study, and they are relying too heavily on such features as a result.

Car crashes result when drivers rely too much on safety tech

Automobile manufacturers have made great strides in safety technology meant to increase safety for drivers and passengers in Georgia. Blind-spot monitoring systems and automatic emergency brakes can reduce accidents and the severity of injuries, but a survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has identified an unintended consequence. A portion of drivers rely too much on automatic sensors or fail to understand that the safety systems have limitations and require a human driver to remain vigilant.

Distracted mobile workers linked to spike in car crashes

Smartphones in the workforce are causing an increase in distracted driving motor vehicle accidents in Georgia and across the U.S., according to a new report. The information was gathered by Motus, a company that provides mileage reimbursement and driver management technologies for businesses and commercial fleets.

NSC figures show U.S. traffic fatality rates still high

Preliminary figures from the National Safety Council suggest that the U.S. will soon be recording over 40,000 road and highway deaths for the third year in a row. Though the numbers seem to be leveling off after a two-year trend of sharp increases, they should still be alarming to drivers across Georgia.

Teen charged with manslaughter over crash that killed friend

A 17-year-old Georgia girl has been indicted on vehicular manslaughter charges by a Clayton County grand jury for her role in a car crash that killed her best friend. The accident occurred while the girls were participating in senior skip day on March 27.

Hit by a reckless driver?

Car accidents are always frightening, but they can be exponentially more so when you get into one with a reckless driver. When you are injured in a car accident by a reckless driver, they should be held liable for their actions.