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How a court determines child custody

Divorcing Georgia parents with concerns about child custody should examine their own living arrangements to anticipate what the court might use against them. Depending on the state, judge and individual court, determinations could vary regarding what is considered acceptable living accommodations. However, courts generally follow a few key rules.

Child support, custody could be a problem for some fathers

Some divorced or unmarried fathers in Georgia may not be able to pay the child support they have been assigned. In some cases, the mother may have filed a protective order against the father that prevents him from seeing their children. In other cases, a father might need to establish paternity.

Why temporary custody can make sense

Parents in Georgia or anywhere else in the United States may be able to give custody of their children to another party on a temporary basis. For instance, parents who have unusual work hours may hand their child over to a grandparent or a trusted friend. Parents who may not have the money to take care of a child may also decide to temporarily relinquish custody.

What parents can do if denied visitation rights

A noncustodial parent in Georgia may be denied visitation rights by a court or the other parent. The former situation is rare although it may happen if a judge believes that a parent puts a child in danger. Courts might also order supervised visitation in which someone else must be present with the parent and child. If either of these situations occurs, the parent should comply with any court orders, such as getting treatment for substance abuse. The parent may also want to get an attorney.

Preparing for a child custody hearing

Many divorcing parents in Georgia wonder what to expect when they are facing child custody proceedings. Court appearances can be a major source of anxiety for many, especially for those who have never testified as a witness in court and are unsure about what to expect. Some of the stress can be lessened by knowing what happens at a typical proceeding and preparing key testimony.

Establishing a coparenting relationship after divorce

When Georgia parents get divorced, they may remain linked for years as coparents. One of the first steps they can take in this process is to recognize that the focus should be on the children. Even if parents could not get along as partners, they should try to establish a functioning relationship as coparents.

Addressing visitation issues

There are many aspects of child custody that parents in Georgia may have to deal with. Visitation is a part of child custody that the family courts may assign so that non-custodial parents are able to be a constant part of their children's lives. Parents who have concerns about court-assigned visitation should be aware of the proper methods for addressing those issues.

How child support is established

Some Georgia parents may have questions about how child support works, especially if they are new to the system. While most noncustodial parents understand they have a responsibility to provide financial support to their children, they may be unsure how support amounts are set or other key determinations are made. Child Support Awareness Month is marked annually in August with the goal of increased public information about how the child support system functions.