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Restraining orders can help keep domestic abuse victims safe

It is never easy when a marriage ends. Each party thinks he or she has found the person they want to spend the rest of their life with, and then life takes an unexpected turn that the marriage cannot survive. The stress of this situation can sometimes lead to physical abuse, causing the victim to resort to civil legal options available here in Georgia, such as restraining orders, for protection.

Georgia mother denied child custody prior to son's death

There are typically logical reasons for a court's decision regarding family and custody matters. For one young mother in Georgia, the court had been provided with more than enough evidence demonstrating that she was not fit to care for her infant son. Unfortunately, in this child custody case, when the mother did not ultimately abide by the court's ruling, the outcome proved fatal.

Missing kids in child custody case may have been taken to Georgia

An Alabama couple on the run with their four boys ended up in a nearby state recently. It was there that the parents were persuaded by a family member to turn themselves in for interfering with the child custody arrangement of their own children. It is believed that the family may have spent some time in Georgia before finally settling at the home of a family member in another state.

After divorce, take steps toward self-care

Depending on the circumstances, people may feel like they need a boost at the end of a marriage. The divorce process can potentially be draining, but some people choose to re-invest in themselves as a way to move on in their lives. Individuals in Georgia may find some of the advice from a recent news article on divorce inspiring in their own lives. 

Being prepared for unexpected costs in Georgia divorce

Making the decision to obtain a divorce is a big step. It is, however, just the beginning, as all the property division, spousal support and child support talks get started at this point. Those in Georgia who are considering divorce or who are working through the process have several things to consider as they move along. Resources are available that provide information about the various aspects involved, allowing divorcing couples to be prepared.

Those in Georgia family law can assist divorcing parents

Throughout the years, child custody arrangements have changed as research has shown how children are affected by the time they get to spend with each parent. When a couple goes through a divorce, the lives and routines of everyone involved experience a transformation. The child custody agreement that parents make for their children plays a crucial role in the new routine that will be established. Family law professionals in Georgia are well-versed in child custody options and can assist a mother or father in determining which arrangement is best for their children.

Coming out stronger through Georgia divorce

The end of a marriage affects each person involved, from the children to the couple choosing to separate. As the two parties work through property division and child custody arrangements, family lawyers can assist with the process. These Georgia professionals have experience in handling a variety of divorce cases and understand the steps that should be taken when children, businesses and other assets have to be taken care of.

Prenups provide security for Georgia couples in case of divorce

With a large number of marriages ending in divorce and people then getting remarried, prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular among engaged couples. While some may think that prenuptial agreements doom a marriage to end in divorce, these agreements can actually provide a better understanding of the couples' financial assets and liabilities. Georgia couples considering marriage may choose to obtain the guidance of a family lawyer as they move through this process.

Working through the process of divorce in Georgia

Divorce can often be a long and drawn-out process. Two people's lives that have been fused together are now being separated, which means several aspects of life have to be figured out. Couples beginning or working through the divorce process in Georgia can seek the guidance of a family lawyer, who can help them through the process.

Georgia parents can work together in child custody arrangements

Divorce can cause some tension between children and their parents, as the home they once knew has now changed. However, a child custody arrangement that places the children's best interests above all else can ease some of the stress can come with this arrangement. Georgia parents that have or are going through a divorce can seek assistance from a family law lawyer as they work to create an agreement that works best for their situation.

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