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Using positive reinforcement can benefit co-parenting situations

Life as a single parent isn't easy, but this is the reality for many people here in Georgia. For some people, being able to work closely with their ex as co-parents makes the situation a little better. These individuals usually put the children first and try to do what they can show the kids that they are loved and supported despite their parents' divorce.

Negotiating child custody requires teamwork with your co-parent

When you're going through a divorce, you have to think about how you will be able to care for the children. There are many factors that will come into the situation, but each one has to be considered according to how it will impact the children. One of the most important things you can do when you're trying to determine how to handle these situations is to set a parenting plan.

Co-parenting isn't always easy, but a good attitude can help

Co-parenting is an arrangement that enables both parents to have an equal say in how the children are raised. It requires both adults to work as a team to make this happen, but it isn't always easy. You have to go into this situation with the purpose of remaining positive so that you can spread that attitude to the children.

Negotiating a child custody plan that works

Georgia parents who file for divorce may be looking for the best options to help them negotiate a new relationship as co-parents to their children. Child custody issues can be some of the most emotional aspects of a divorce, even when both parents have a strong bond with their children and there is no history of neglect or abuse. Both parents want the most time possible with their children, but divorce often means adjusting to a new style of shared time. Divorce negotiations often result in a parenting plan that lays out a framework for how key issues will be handled, including custody schedules, decision-making and mutually agreed-upon rules.

Ways to successfully cope with co-parenting challenges

Navigating through new waters when it comes to working together as co-parents after a divorce can be challenging. Georgia co-parents may be interested in learning some strategies to help them deal with the most common issues they will face after a divorce.

Protecting fathers' rights to child custody

Georgia fathers may find themselves afraid that they will experience bias if they go to family court to resolve their child custody and support issues. Some dads stay in unhealthy relationships because they are afraid of losing custody of their children while others do not seek custody because they assume the mother will receive preference by default. While historically, mothers were often favored in child custody proceedings, modern family law recognizes the importance of both parents' involvement in a child's life. In fact, fathers who actively seek custody are more likely to be successful than mothers in court.

Channing Tatum files paperwork in child custody case

Georgia residents who are fans of Channing Tatum may know that he asked for a judge's help in resolving a child custody dispute. Tatum reportedly asked a judge to create a custody schedule after the child's mother failed to fully agree to one that he had proposed. The child's mother is actress Jenna Dewan, and she and Tatum were married for nine years before getting divorced in 2018.

Dealing with challenging co-parenting relationships

Many divorced parents in Georgia know that the gold standard in co-parenting is to work with a former partner in the best interests of the kids. However, even loving parents who know that children benefit from good relationships with both parents can find co-parenting challenging. This is especially true for exes whose relationships came to an end in a high-conflict situation, such as a divorce involving infidelity or financial shenanigans. These problems can be exacerbated when it seems as if the other parent is all too willing to use emotional manipulation to hinder a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Handling visitation, custody and support with infants

It's important for Georgia parents to understand how to handle family law issues related to child custody and child support. When a child is an infant, there are specific concerns to address. To ensure the child's needs are met and the parents feel comfortable with the arrangement, it is wise to consider key factors.

When visitation time is a danger for kids

Divorced and separated parents may experience frequent conflicts about child custody and visitation time. In most cases, it is best for the children when parents can work together successfully to develop a parenting plan even when their romantic relationship no longer works. However, there are some cases in which a custodial parent may have significant, justified concerns about turning his or her child over to his or her ex for visitation time.

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