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The First Step Act takes aim at federal sentencing inequalities

Civil rights groups in Georgia and around the country have long called for the criminal justice system to be reformed, and President Trump has vowed to heed those calls by signing the First Step Act should the bipartisan bill make its way to his desk. The bill is expected to be opposed by from both sides of the political aisle. Conservative Republicans feel that more lenient sentences encourage criminal activity and endanger the public, and some Democrats have attacked the bill for providing what they see as little more than cosmetic solutions to complex and systemic problems.

Drug crime defense

Any person who has been accused of a crime should present the best defense that they possibly can in order to avoid the harsh penalties that come with a conviction. These can include fines, community service and imprisonment. The defense for a drug crime is generally developed with an attorney and is based on the facts of the case.

Edible Drugs are on the Menu at an Event on Church Property

An event designed to promote local Georgia entrepreneurs attracted a wide variety of participants including one who was openly selling marijuana edibles, which included brownies, pudding and cereal treats. According to law enforcement officials, a third party hosted and arranged the event, and a spokesperson for the church denied it had any knowledge of the illegal activities conducted on its property.