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Ins and outs of alimony in Georgia

The divorce process includes various aspects, including possible child custody arrangements or spousal support. This support, or alimony, may result from an agreement between former spouses or a court decision. Alimony is meant to assist the spouse who either did not make an income or made a noticeably smaller income than the other. Georgia couples working through a divorce may need to create an agreement regarding spousal support.

Understanding the tax implications of Georgia divorce

There are numerous aspects of the divorce process, including dividing assets and making custody arrangements when applicable. The financial side of divorce is something about which many people do not have a firm understanding. Getting a divorce in Georgia can be costly, but the finances go beyond solely that fact. Taxes after and during a divorce are another important factor to consider.

Going through divorce successfully in Georgia

Divorce is a major life event that brings up many different questions and processes that have to be dealt with. More and more people across the United States, including Georgia, are getting divorced. Going through a divorce can be difficult and draining. Many people simply attempt to survive a divorce, but there are a few things that can make the process easier to understand and endure.

Are Georgia residents shocked that Eastwood's wife wants alimony?

Marriage is usually something that brings happiness to the bride and groom. After the wedding, though, things sometimes change. People don't stay the same year after year, and when people change, divorce may be what is best. Recently, Georgia residents may have read that, after several years of marriage, the Eastwoods are finally getting divorced and alimony is being requested.

Alimony and spousal support tips for divorcing men

When it comes to divorce advice, the vast majority of information available in print or online seems to be geared toward advising women on how to move through the process of ending their marriage. Very little is written explicitly for men who are facing divorce, leaving many to interpret more general guidance for use in their own divorce scenarios. One recently published piece speaks directly to men in Georgia and across the nation who are approaching a divorce, and gives a wealth of advice on alimony, as well as how to come to terms with this significant life event.

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