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Technology can assist in child support struggles

When Georgia parents divorce, the resulting child custody structure usually places shared children in the primary care of one parent, with the other given visitation rights and obligated to contribute to the financial needs of their child or children. Child support can quickly become an issue of debate between former spouses. This can result in negative patterns of communication, and can leave children caught in the middle of parents who continue to argue, even after the marriage has ended.

After the order: Keeping track of your child support payments

The court hearings are over and the paperwork has all been signed. Your attorney has helped you and your ex-spouse to work out all the arrangements for visitation and support payments for your children. Now what? Many Georgia parents are not familiar with the process by which child support obligations are collected and recorded. A child support order is a court order that must be complied with to avoid penalties such as wage garnishment, seizure of assets, or even contempt of court charges if it appears that the payments have not been made.

Evander Holyfield could lose license over Georgia child support

Failure to pay child support can be detrimental not only to the child and the receiving parent, but also to the parent who doesn't pay. For example, consider the case of former heavyweight boxing champion and Georgia resident Evander Holyfield.

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