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Georgia parents can choose child custody arrangement

Custody arrangements following divorce can take a variety of forms, depending largely on the two parents and their relationships with the child. While there are many options available to parents going through the divorce process, it is important for them to take the child's best interests into consideration. Joint child custody, both legal and physical or solely joint legal custody, may be an option that parents in Georgia consider.

Georgia child custody: Children are people, not pawns

Not all divorces are created equal. A divorce proceeding is unique to the two parties, particularly when children are involved. The parents' roles in their children's lives is a central focus in resolving these issues. In some cases, it does not work for both parents to be heavily involved in child custody, thus resulting in primary custody being awarded to one party, while the other typically receives visitation rights. However, whenever possible and with growing frequency in Georgia, co-parenting or shared custody may be awarded.

Choosing the best child custody option in Georgia divorce

There are a variety of aspects that have to be taken into consideration when thinking about divorce. Property division,child custody and child support are just some of the things that two parties will have to work through as they separate their lives. Those considering obtaining a divorce in Georgia may want to contact a family law professional. With their assistance, a once-daunting process can be broken down into steps that are less stressful and easier to manage.

Georgia child custody: physical vs. legal custody

For many families around the globe, divorce has become a part of their lives. This division between two individuals that were once considered to be one can be complicated, especially when children are involved. Divorcing parties in Georgia can seek assistance from a professional in family law who can explain things like child custody arrangements and child support. With a thorough understanding of these aspects of divorce, the process can be much less stressful.

Children's best interests in Georgia child custody proceedings

As one works through a divorce, it may seem near to impossible to decide upon a child custody arrangement that requires both parents to work together. Just as each divorce is unique to each situation, child custody agreements are equally individualized. Those in Georgia who are looking into custody options can seek assistance from an experienced family law lawyer.

Shared child custody possible in high-conflict Georgia divorces

Studies have shown that children who are able to spend nearly equal time with both parents perform better academically, emotionally and behaviorally. As parents decide to divorce, however, this option may seem impossible for their children. Co-parenting or shared child custody agreements can allow children to see their parents for an almost equal amount of time. Divorcing parents in Georgia can find out more about these types of arrangements from legal professionals and through other resources.

Child custody modification in Georgia

Summer will soon be here, which brings a change of pace for many, especially those who attend school during the other parts of the year. For parents who are divorcing or have gotten a divorce, this can be a chance for them to switch up their regular child custody routine. Georgia parents who are interested in allowing a new child custody routine during the summer can have their agreement amended to suit this change.

Creating security for children through child custody in Georgia

Being able to provide for and care for the needs of one's children is a desire that most parents have. In the midst of divorce, taking care of the children caught in the middle can be a challenge as the two parents deal with their own emotions and the various aspects of this process. However, it is during a divorce and in the time immediately afterward that being there for one's children is especially crucial. Parents divorcing in Georgia can create a child custody arrangement that seeks to best meet this goal.

Shared child custody growing in Georia divorces

Determining a child custody arrangement can be challenging for some parents going through a divorce. The idea of spending less or minimal time with one's children is heartbreaking for most parents. Those in Georgia who are attempting to create a child custody arrangement have a vast array of resources available to them. 

Georgia child custody: Working together for the children

Shared or joint child custody arrangements are becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States. Research shows that children are more likely to thrive and succeed when they have the influence of both parents in their lives. While this may not be possible in all cases, couples working on a child custody agreement in Georgia can obtain assistance from family law professionals to gain a better understanding of the impact that each type of arrangement can have on their children.

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