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Proactive parenting can help kids through child custody woes

For many Georgia parents, the ups and downs of divorce can bring a measure of stress and turmoil. Children also experience their own type of stress during the process of dividing time between parents. Divorce and child custody bring a sea of change in the life of a child, and parents should make every effort to help their kids adjust to their new reality as seamlessly as possible.

Property division second greatest fear about divorce

A recent survey sought to determine the top concerns that most Americans have when it comes to the issue of divorce. Approximately 900 individuals were asked what they found most concerning about the divorce process. Their answers, along with the responses of nearly 400 attorneys who practice family law, give some insight into the issues that Georgia spouses find most troublesome. The survey results suggest that aside from issues concerning child custody, the cost of a divorce is the number one concern that spouses face; coming in a close second was the ins and outs of property division.

The positives in divorce, despite the property division pains

It is exceedingly easy for parents going through divorce to focus on the negative and see the world as they know it ending forever. However, it is on this point that parents may be able to see the light. For example, perhaps a better life is to come in the next chapter they are about to begin - after all the difficult points of property division and child custody have been resolved. There are many different kinds of mindset shifts like this, which Georgia parents can employ, in order to make the lives for themselves and their children as happy as possible in the wake of a divorce.

Common types of child custody arrangements in Georgia

Working out child custody arrangements can be rough for Georgia parents, especially when they are going through a particularly contentious divorce. Some parents are able to work things out themselves or with the help of a divorce mediator. Others, however, may have to have a judge intervene to help work out the child custody issues between them. Family law judges will consider both sides of such a dispute and rule in a manner they feel is in the best interests of the children who are involved.

Turning to parents for advice on divorce, property division

When going through a Georgia divorce, it is important to have a strong support system in place to help ease the process. For many, this includes one or both parents. Navigating divorce can be a challenge, and having the support of a parent can be instrumental in preserving stability and reducing stress as the divorce process moves forward through negotiations on property division and child custody.

Property division should not ruin summer fun for kids

Virtually all Georgia residents have fond memories of their childhood summer breaks. Getting out of school for the summer and spending time outdoors with friends, sleeping in and staying up late, camp and sprinklers; all are part of the American childhood experience. For kids whose parents are divorcing, many of the joys of summer can be overshadowed by the divorce process. For parents, it is imperative that the issues surrounding one's divorce, such as property division or child custody, are not allowed to bleed into the lives of shared children and stop them from enjoying their summer break.

Child custody can be confusing in Georgia

Child custody is a touchy subject all over the United States. Georgia is no exception. A 27-month-old girl, who had been living with adoptive parents in South Carolina since her birth, was sent to live with her biological father about 18 months ago. Recently, a Supreme Court decision about child custody was made that will likely return the little girl to her adoptive parents.

How might Facebook play a part in divorce?

A recent study suggests that if you check your Facebook account too much, your marriage or other romantic relationship may suffer. This is the finding of researchers whose study is to be published in an upcoming Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking.

On the importance of routine in post-divorce co-parenting

Part of our law practice is devoted to helping Georgia parents create workable child custody arrangements. Divorce can be an upheaval in a family's life, but there are ways of co-parenting that protect the best interests of children. To learn more about co-parenting plans, parents in Augusta are encouraged to visit this blog each week as we make updates that are relevant to Georgia family law.

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