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On the importance of routine in post-divorce co-parenting

On Behalf of | May 17, 2013 | Child Custody |

Part of our law practice is devoted to helping Georgia parents create workable child custody arrangements. Divorce can be an upheaval in a family’s life, but there are ways of co-parenting that protect the best interests of children. To learn more about co-parenting plans, parents in Augusta are encouraged to visit this blog each week as we make updates that are relevant to Georgia family law.

While the process of divorce is certainly an emotional challenge, some measures can be taken to help ensure that your children make a healthy transition from one family structure to another.

One thing to keep in mind is that children need consistency. That means parents should establish routines with regard to homework, bed time, waking up, computer usage, television watching, play time and chores. Even if you don’t have primary custody and instead have visitation, your time with the children has to be structured.

Folded into this aspect of parenting are the consequences and rewards you give to children for particular behaviors. This is extremely important in helping kids build decision-making skills of their own.

While these concerns should be on both parents’ minds, it’s also important to remember that divorced or otherwise separated parents don’t have to have the same parenting styles. As best as you can, it helps to respect the other parent’s approach to the children’s well-being. If there is a serious problem with the other parent’s style, then a child custody modification may be in order.

Appropriate communication is also key — that is, communication between you and the other parent, as well as between you and the children. Of course, young kids should only be exposed to the kinds of information that they can understand, so keeping abreast of your kids’ individual development is also important.

If Georgia parents would like to learn more about how the law relates to their particular situations, our family law site is there to help.

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