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Wealthy couples and divorce

When wealthy couples in Georgia get a divorce, their process of property division may be far more complicated than that of most other couples. The divorce of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos from his wife MacKenzie is one example, although since Washington is a community property state and Georgia is not, there are some differences.

Bezos, the richest man in the world, may lose that title if he and his wife split the company 50/50. In an equitable division state like Georgia, the split might go differently. A number of factors would be taken into account. Among these might be how much time each person spent building up the business. In a high asset divorce,, the division could be 75/25 or even more uneven. One person might get a relatively small percentage of the wealth, but that could still be a significant amount of money. For this same reason, there might be no alimony payments since the divorce settlement itself may be so large.

marrying out of your league

Citizens of Georgia may be surprised to learn that, for many married couples, beauty is more than just skin deep, especially if the male is married to someone who is more attractive than they are. In fact, experts believe that a large discrepancy in the degree of attractiveness between both partners can often lead to divorce.

This should come as no surprise as there are multiple reasons that would push such a couple to split. On the one hand, studies show that a woman married to a man she deems unattractive has a higher chance of flirting with other men and feeling apathetic towards her relationship with her significant other. On the other hand, researchers have found that, regardless of how flirtatious a woman is or isn't, men with more attractive wives tend to feel jealous more often than their counterparts who are in a more physically matched marriage.

A car accident may mean a trip to the ER for your child

You undoubtedly do not want to find yourself involved in a car accident. Even more so, you do not want to have an accident while your child is also in the vehicle. Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon, and try as you might to protect your child, he or she could still suffer injuries in the event of a crash.

If the situation is serious, it is possible that a trip to the emergency room may be necessary. While this idea may seem frightening, your child may need immediate medical attention that only professionals can provide. In fact, it may prove wise to allow EMS workers to take your child by ambulance.

How Georgia treats drug crimes

Those who are found to be in possession of controlled substances in Georgia may face a variety of penalties. One of these punishments is a suspended driver's license, which could last for six months to two years. Under state law, there are five different drug schedules with Schedule I substances considered the most dangerous and Schedule V the least dangerous.

It is important to note that substances that are designated as belonging to the Schedule I classification have no accepted medical use. If an individual is discovered to be in possession of such a substance, he or she could face up to 15 years in prison for a first conviction. The punishment increases to up to 30 years for a subsequent conviction. The same is true for possession of a Schedule II substance. Convictions for possession of Schedule III, IV and V drugs carry penalties of a year to a decade in prison.

Dealing with a business during a divorce

When people in Georgia who own businesses get a divorce, they might need to divide the companies. The first step is to get an accurate appraisal. In addition to looking at an enterprise's books, this process also involves accounting for such assets as equipment and real estate as well as intangible assets, like the company's name and reputation.

There is also a danger that one person will try to be deceptive about the company's value. This could involve inflating or hiding the total worth of the business. Another potential complication is that in a family business, some agreements could be informal, and there might not be paperwork associated with loans or other handshake deals.

More could be done to prevent underride crashes in Georgia

Override crashes involve a specific type of crash between a passenger vehicle and a tractor-trailer where the passenger vehicle rams under the tractor-trailer upon impact. Because the undercarriage of the tractor-trailer is much higher than the passenger vehicle, underride crashes typically cause severe injuries to the heads and necks of the passengers inside. Some crashes even decapitate the passengers.

Underride crashes comprise about 20 percent of the fatalities in all fatal crashes involving a tractor-trailer and passenger vehicle. Many advocates have been pushing for tougher safety standards to prevent fatalities from underride crashes. Federal regulations require tractor-trailers to have underride guards on the back of the trailer. However, no such guards are required on the sides of trailers.

How a court determines child custody

Divorcing Georgia parents with concerns about child custody should examine their own living arrangements to anticipate what the court might use against them. Depending on the state, judge and individual court, determinations could vary regarding what is considered acceptable living accommodations. However, courts generally follow a few key rules.

For example, a judge will immediately look at the safety of the parents' neighborhoods. Homicides in the area and neighbors on the sex offender registry will raise red flags, and too much local crime might result in a judge not wanting a child to spend nights at that parent's home.

How to plan for the holidays after separation or divorce

Holidays can be a tough time for families in Georgia who are experiencing separation or divorce. Such emotions as sadness, anger and fear can feel overwhelming for parents and their children. However, parents must make an effort to control those emotions and ensure that their children still enjoy the holidays.

This can be difficult, so parents may want to see a therapist or counselor to work through their feelings. Talking to family and friends may also help. Parents should not try to stop their children from seeing the other parent during the holidays. Children should be encouraged to enjoy their time with the other parent. The holidays should not be viewed as a competition.

Are you afraid your ex will ruin your holidays?

You filed for divorce in a Georgia court because you determined it the most viable option in whatever marital situation you were facing at the time. You no longer wanted to stay married, but you also didn't want your decision to divorce to adversely affect your children. Now that another holiday season is underway, you are worried about your ex -- in particular, the fact that your stress level seems to soar whenever the two of you interact.

You're definitely not alone in your struggle, as many others who have divorced could no doubt attest to similar feelings. The fact that you don't like to be around your former spouse, however, doesn't necessarily have to mean that you can't navigate the holidays without some angry outburst occurring. There are several things to keep in mind that may help you keep stress to a minimum and overcome problematic issues, if they arise.

Truck driver charged in connection with fatal Georgia accident

The man behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer that was involved in a fatal accident in Georgia on the evening of Nov. 19 has been charged with vehicular homicide in the second degree and failure to yield. According to the Dade County Sheriff's Office, both of the charges are misdemeanors. The accident, which took place on the southbound lanes of Interstate 59, claimed the life of one road user and left two others injured.

The 35-year-old Alabama man is accused of not paying proper attention to traffic as he pulled his semi-tractor trailer onto Interstate 59 from Slygo Road. This resulted in a chain-reaction accident that involved three cars as well as the truck. The sequence of events occurred at approximately 6:25 p.m. The Georgia State Patrol is coordinating the investigation into the accident, which media accounts reveal was Dade County's third fatal crash in just a matter of days.