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Distracted driving most common cause of car wrecks

Car accidents happen every day all over Georgia, and they injure people and cause fatalities. Most of the time, the cause of a wreck can be traced back to an error by one of the drivers involved. Among the most common causes of car wrecks are distracted driving, drunk driving, reckless driving, speeding and dangerous weather conditions.

Distracted driving has been the most common cause of traffic accidents for several years in the United States, and the problem is getting worse. Drivers who eat, drink, use their phones or put on their makeup while behind the wheel can end up in a crash even if they take their eyes from the road for only a few seconds.

Divorcing parents should not overburden their kids

Georgia parents who are divorcing know the stress the process can cause. It can be taxing in any number of ways. It can also be hard on their kids. The effects of their parents divorcing can be severe on the children, and it can impact them intio adulthood. Studies have shown that children of divorce are at an increased risk of forming negative relationships or being overweight. There are steps divorcing parents can take, though, to minimize the negative consequences for their kids.

Despite the high levels of emotion involved for the people divorcing, it is important to protect the children from emotions like guilt, sorrow and anger. It's a good idea for parents to establish behavioral ground rules for themselves. Simple things like agreeing not to fight in front of the kids can make the process much easier for them. It's also important for parents to give the children some answers, but without the extreme negative emotion that can be hard for them to understand. They don't need to have all the details, and giving them too much information can increase the burden on them.

Common causes of truck accidents

Due to the massive weight differences, Georgia truck crashes tend to be more dangerous than accidents involving regular passenger vehicles. An 18-wheeler can be as heavy as 80,000 pounds while passenger vehicles have an average weight of only 4,000 pounds. Being aware of the most common reasons behind trucking accidents can help all drivers stay safe and avoid potentially catastrophic incidents.

If truckers are not properly prepared or trained to drive in certain climates, inclement weather can be particularly risky. Large trucks require a long distance to stop even in dry weather. Unfortunately, ice and snow can make the situation even worse. It is important that truckers know how to travel at the proper speed in all weather conditions and know which braking techniques can prevent skidding.

Protecting a financial future after getting divorced

There are several steps that individuals in Georgia can take to protect their savings in the event of a divorce. First, it can be a good idea to create a budget that will take into account housing, health care and other expenses a person will need to pay on his or her own. It is fine to use rough estimates until exact figures become available. Creating a budget can help a person determine whether it is necessary to cut expenses or increase retirement contributions.

In some cases, an individual will need to work a few more years to save enough money to retire comfortably. Those who have saved less than their spouses may be entitled to ask for a portion of any savings accumulated during a marriage. Money inside of a 401(k) will need to be transferred per the terms of a qualified domestic relations order.

Fatal pedestrian accidents at an all-time high

There are several reasons that many people today choose to walk during their daily routines. For some, they enjoy the leisure time outdoors; others are concerned about pollution, and some simply do so out of necessity. Overall, the benefits of walking generally outweigh any drawbacks.

However, a recent report from the Governors Highway Safety Association revealed some troubling findings. Statistics show that the rates of fatal pedestrian accidents are on the rise all around the nation. Fortunately, researchers have explanations that may help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Possible drunk driving defenses

A motorist in Georgia who is facing a drunk driving charge has certain defense options at their disposal. A common approach to defending against such charges is to question the evidence or the actions of the arresting officer. There are also "affirmative" defenses, referring to instances where there was a valid reason for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Affirmative drunk driving defenses could include an assertion that driving while intoxicated was necessary due to unique circumstances or that a driver was forced to drive drunk under duress. A charged driver may also claim that the arresting officer encouraged a motorist to become intoxicated. With a mistake of fact, a driver makes a case for honestly not realizing they were impaired. An involuntary intoxication defense means a driver was unknowingly given alcohol, like what might happen if drinks were spiked at a party.

Roundabouts can save lives and money

Thousands of road deaths and injuries could possibly be prevented each year in Georgia if the state replaced traditional intersections with roundabouts, according to several studies. After looking into the safety benefits of roundabouts, the Federal Highway Administration and the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety concluded that serious injuries would be reduced by as much as 75% and fatalities by up to 90% if traditional intersections were replaced with traffic circles.

Roundabouts provide these safety dividends because they make drivers reduce speed and completely eliminate T-bone accidents that occur when the front of a vehicle strikes the side of another. At intersections, T-bone crashes are usually caused by motorists who run a red light or stop sign at high speed. Vehicles in roundabouts generally travel at a speed of 10 mph to 20 mph. These reduced speeds are a reason why the IIHS and FHA also discovered that roundabouts reduce pedestrian injuries by about 40%.

Tips for co-parenting a teenager

For some divorced Georgia parents, co-parenting a teenager can present some challenges. Some parents may assume that the teen is mature enough to need less hands-on parenting. While teens do need to be treated differently from younger children, it is still important for parents to remain involved.

Some parents might be tempted to ease up on what could be fraught regular communication with the other parent. However, parents still need to talk to each other, and they should not try to do so through their teen. If they do not communicate, each parent may assume the other has more information than is the case. Parents may also assume the teen is behaving in the same way around each of them, and this may not be the case. This can mean parents do not know about certain issues the teen may be having.

Charges and consequences of DUI in Georgia

Facing any type of criminal allegation can put anyone on edge. In many cases, gaining information on a particular situation could make an accused person feel more at ease because he or she knows more about what to expect from the case. In your situation, you may need to know more about DUI laws.

When charged with DUI in Georgia, it is important that you understand how the charge came about, what the possible consequences are and how you can fight back against such allegations. With this information, you may feel more ready to create and present a defense that helps you work toward the best possible outcomes.

Consumer Reports unimpressed by Tesla's Autopilot feature

Georgia residents may be aware that several automakers are currently rushing to bring the first self-driving car to the market. Palo Alto-based Tesla claims that their Autopilot feature already boasts many of the capabilities of a level 5 autonomous vehicle, but this is not the conclusion researchers from Consumer Reports magazine reached after testing several cars equipped with the system.

Autopilot gathers data about road conditions and the movement of traffic using an impressive array of sensors, cameras, radar and LiDAR, and the feature then uses this information to accelerate, brake and change lanes with no driver input. Tesla claims that vehicles under the control of Autopilot have changed lanes countless times and covered millions of miles, but Consumer Report says that using the feature puts more demands on motorists than driving a car the old-fashioned way. According to the magazine, the experience of monitoring Autopilot in action is like watching an untrained teenager struggle behind the wheel.