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Guiding Personal Representatives Through Georgia’s Probate Process

The death of a loved one is hard, especially if you are named the personal representative of his or her estate. Besides having to process your grief, you have the duty of making sure all the deceased’s assets get distributed according to his or her wishes and settle any outstanding debts. Probate in Georgia is a precise process that requires you to follow a specific series of steps, whether you understand the law or not.

Clear Legal Assistance With Probate Concerns

The attorneys of Harrison & Medlin, P.C., assist personal representatives with bringing estates through probate. We focus our representation in the Augusta metro area and east Georgia. Our probate lawyers can answer your questions and make all necessary filings and court appearances in regard to:

  • Getting the will accepted by the court
  • Distributing the assets as directed by the will
  • Settling claims raised by creditors
  • Paying court costs and estate taxes, if any

Even a relatively modest estate can require a lot of time and effort to pass through probate. We will explain your powers and responsibilities and make sure you do not miss any deadlines. With our help, you will settle the estate efficiently and without costly mistakes

Estate Litigation Attorneys In East Georgia

While litigation arising from probate is rare, sometimes, a family member will challenge the validity of the will, trust or any other document. As the personal representative, you may have to enter litigation to settle the disagreement. At Harrison & Medlin, P.C., our lawyers are trained and experienced litigators. We will strive to resolve the dispute in a way that honors the deceased’s final wishes and minimizes the strain on family relationships.

Estate With No Will

What happens when a person does not have a will? We can help you navigate these very difficult and uncertain times.

Learn More About What We Do For Personal Representatives

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