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Georgia couple unable to go through with adoption because of dog

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2013 | Adoption |

Adoption is sometimes the only choice a couple has in the quest to grow their family. When one looks at the number of children in the foster care system, it seems like a match made in heaven when a couple makes the decision to welcome a child into their home. For one Georgia couple, though, the journey to adoption has hit a devastating snag.

They decided to welcome a child into their home but were shocked to find that Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services is denying their application based on the breed of their dog. They have been “parents” to a pit bull mix rescue dog for several years, a dog the case workers met during home visits. The couple made no attempt to hide the dog’s breed in their paperwork. Now, they are heartbroken to hear that they cannot adopt while they own their beloved dog.

While not common in adoption processes, sometimes the family seeking to adopt is deemed “unfit” for some reason. In those cases, the family is often left searching for answers. Sometimes, the state adoption agency does not even give a clear answer as to their decision.

Adoption, along with many legal procedures, is a long process full of paperwork and forms to fill out. As every Georgia couple who has adopted in the past knows, it can be a very long and tedious road. For this couple, being asked to choose between a dog that has been a member of their family for four years and a child to adopt is a heartbreaking thing to decide. As with any family that is going through a tough legal issue, finding someone who can help may be the best thing for all involved.

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