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The positives in divorce, despite the property division pains

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2013 | Divorce |

It is exceedingly easy for parents going through divorce to focus on the negative and see the world as they know it ending forever. However, it is on this point that parents may be able to see the light. For example, perhaps a better life is to come in the next chapter they are about to begin – after all the difficult points of property division and child custody have been resolved. There are many different kinds of mindset shifts like this, which Georgia parents can employ, in order to make the lives for themselves and their children as happy as possible in the wake of a divorce.

First, parents can take a deep level inventory of their attitude with regard to their divorce. Many ex-spouses who find themselves alone and caring for their children, facing the difficulties of single parenthood, can find themselves focusing on the negatives and spiraling into feelings of despair. However, keeping focused on one’s children, and creating the happiest environment possible for one’s children, is often the only motivation that is required for a parent to pull him or herself up by the bootstraps and make an attitude adjustment in a more positive direction.

Next, parents will do better in their new circumstance by knowing that our world reflects our perceptions. If we think our life circumstance is horrible, we will often find proof of that in our daily life by focusing on negative points. If we perceive our life is wonderful, we will begin to focus on all the things we can be thankful for. For example, there are little positives that come from even the pain of divorce – like being a wiser, stronger and more emotionally stable person after we come out of the storm.

The reality of going through the property division process and negotiating child custody arrangements is heart wrenching. However, Georgia residents seeking a divorce can focus on making the experience as easy as possible for their children. While the legal professionals will handle the financial and legal aspects of a divorce, parents can keep their eye on staying positive and being a positive force in the lives of their children in spite of the difficulties.

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