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Proactive parenting can help kids through child custody woes

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2013 | Child Custody |

For many Georgia parents, the ups and downs of divorce can bring a measure of stress and turmoil. Children also experience their own type of stress during the process of dividing time between parents. Divorce and child custody bring a sea of change in the life of a child, and parents should make every effort to help their kids adjust to their new reality as seamlessly as possible.

One way to minimize the stress that children feel as a result of divorce is to take a proactive approach to parenting. The basis of proactive parenting is making decisions that are thoughtful, measured and in line with one’s overall parenting goals. It also involves understanding and considering the consequences of various choices before taking action.

This is in direct opposition to a reactive style of parenting, in which parents make decisions from a position of defense. These choices are often made quickly, with little reflection on the repercussions that may result. Reactive parenting can create a cycle of anger and mistrust, which can ultimately damage the parent/child relationship.

Georgia parents who are going through divorce and child custody issues may want to take the time to research proactive parenting techniques. By implementing aspects of this approach into one’s daily interactions with their kids, parents can help their kids transition from living within one household to being a part of two distinct homes. Many parents find that being proactive is a great way to interact with their former spouse, as well. Keeping these things in mind could help parents who are considering filing for divorce and want to make things as easy as possible on their children.

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