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Spending habits could lead Georgia couples to divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2013 | Family Law |

A divorce can be caused by many different reasons. Money issues can certainly cause issues in a marriage, but people may think that couples arguing over money can cause a divorce. Georgia residents may be interested in a recent article that discusses why spending habits that are kept secret from a spouse can lead a couple to divorce.

A survey included in the article released facts that could be surprising to some. Some people may be quick to assume that it is the woman in the relationship that spends more money, but the survey showed that men are more likely to spend more. However, it was noted that women are more likely to hide their purchases from their spouse. Several reasons a person chose to hide their purchases, including not wanting to start an argument or knowing their spouse would not approve, were given.

Another statistic that may not be surprising is that arguing about money is the largest predictor of divorce. It has been proved that couples that argue about money are negatively impacted. Once a person realizes the relationship is headed toward divorce, they may want to start protecting their assets and any investments they may have.

Georgia residents faced with a divorce may find it beneficial to research applicable state laws. Since divorces are handled on a case by case basis, having good documentation is essential. There are several ways to navigate through a divorce, including the use of mediation should a couple find it beneficial. With the proper knowledge, the parties can be hopeful to successfully end the marriage and move forward with their life.

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