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Adoption in Georgia: from orphan to Christmas parade star

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2013 | Adoption |

Adoption gives a child and the other parties involved a new lease on life. Children with disabilities or disfigurements are much less likely to be adopted than those who are considered normal. However, one woman in Georgia, a burn victim herself, decided go through the adoption process for an orphan who had serious burns on her scalp and on the top of her face. This little girl was the main focus of the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas Parade.

Now 6, this little girl had been adopted from an orphanage in China. The chances of her adoption had appeared extremely unlikely until her new mother had decided to search for burn victim orphans. Nine months after adopting their little girl, the parents decided to bring up the idea of surgery to their daughter. They wanted to be careful to not make her question her beauty, but they wanted to give her the opportunity to save her vision and structure of her mouth.

Although one of her ears has been totally melted off, the only thing this 6-year-old wanted was hair like her dolls. She has been through six procedures, which her parents have expressed could not have been better for her confidence. Although she was already a rather confident child, these procedures finally gave her the long hair that she so desired. The little girl’s parents are incredibly thankful and happy about the choice they made to adopt.

Adoption can be a difficult and drawn-out process, but it is well worth it. This family’s life was completely changed and thoroughly blessed by the life of this 6-year-old whom they adopted. Through the family law system, the adoption process can go smoothly and quickly and give new life to families of all types. Like this adoption in Georgia, the addition of a child to a family can change those who adopt and even those who are around them. This little girl’s experience in going from a burn victim orphan to the star of a Christmas parade is just one example of the life change that adoption can bring.

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