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Using the internet as a resource in Georgia adoption

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2013 | Adoption |

The adoption process has been around for many years. It gives children the chance to have a family of their own after being put into an orphanage or foster care and it gives those who adopt the chance to be involved in a child’s life, just as if the child was their own. Throughout the years, the process has changed immensely. In Georgia and across the world, the internet has recently become a major aspect of adoption.

A new study by the Donaldson Adoption Institute examines the influence of the internet on the process of adoption. There have been numerous benefits associated with the internet’s role in adoption. It provides quick and easy access to information and records that were once sealed. Also, the internet gives birth parents and the adoptive families the opportunity to keep in contact easily, allowing the birth parents to stay involved in their child’s life.

However, there have been negative aspects of the internet’s involvement in the adoption process, as well. The majority of people using the internet to make an adoption do not know how to do it safely. Unfortunately, there have been many cases of fraud and women being enticed to surrender their babies. Understanding the risks involved with using the internet in the process of adoption is incredibly important.

Adopting a child is something to celebrate. However, an adoption can go wrong when the parties involved do not know how to use their resources, like the internet, correctly and safely. Successfully using the resources available, as well as receiving assistance from those who have been trained in the process, can help an adoption go smoothly. The internet can be a great factor in Georgia adoptions, as long as it is used effectively and cautiously.

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