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Difficulties of international adoption for Georgia families

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2014 | Adoption |

Being part of the adoption of a child is a worthwhile adventure. However, the process can take months or even years, especially in the case of an international adoption. When the governments of countries involved in international adoptions make restrictions or bans, the process becomes more tedious and seemingly impossible. Despite difficulties that may pop up, Georgia families can still choose to be part of this life-changing process.

Last year, the government in Russia passed a law that does not allow Americans to adopt Russian children. Some adoptions that began before this ban could be completed, but some were not. One family had gone through the adoption process four years prior to this new law. After bringing their son home from Russia, the couple discovered that he had a brother back at the orphanage in Russia.

The couple was shocked to find this out and promised that they would come back to get him. However, as they went through the process for the second time, the new ban quickly stopped any progress they were making. The adoptive mother refuses to be denied the adoption of her child’s brother, though, and is taking a trip to Russia in hopes of finalizing the adoption. Although this may not change the mind of the government, the couple is willing to try anything to bring the child home to be with his brother.

International adoption has a tendency to be tedious and sometimes run into issues along the way. Those who have persevered through the difficulties believe the process is most definitely worth the stress, however. Families in Georgia have the opportunity to adopt children locally or from across the world. Adopting a child is life-changing for the entire family, but it is wise and helpful to become knowledgable in all aspects of the process.

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