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Getting through adoption in Georgia smoothly

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2014 | Adoption |

There are many events that could change one’s life, such as marriage, death, birth and adoption. These life-altering events and situations usually bring either sorrow and sadness or immense joy. In Georgia, adoption is one process that transforms the lives of those involved incredibly. Before the happiness and ecstasy though, there can be a lot of pain and stress.

The process of adopting a child or children can go smoothly, but it oftentimes can prove to be rather difficult. When someone is bringing a child from another country into their family, things tend to get a bit more complicated. One family decided to adopt two children from the Congo. What should have been, and started out as, a smooth adoption became complicated.

The father of these two former orphans traveled to the DRC to bring the children home, but he has been stuck in the country missing one last document. The government of the Congo stopped all international adoption of children from their country because of allegations made about the adoptive families. However, the government declared they would still allow the adoptions that had taken place before this time, yet multiple families remain waiting to be allowed to leave. Hopefully, the remaining families will be able to set a meeting with the immigration office to get the final papers to bring the families home.

This family has completed all of the paperwork and even gone to bring their new little family members home, yet they are unable to do so. Even through this is a rare situation, the families refuse to leave their adopted children behind and simply go home. The love that they now have for these children is one of the many blessings that adoption can provide. Having the assistance and resources to get through an adoption process smoothly and quickly in Georgia can allow an exciting new life to begin that much sooner for all involved.

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