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Georgia families’ stress as they go through adoption is worth it

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2014 | Adoption |

Adoption is life-changing and invaluable for all involved. This process provides a great option for couples who are unable to have children to create a family of their own. It also allows children without parents to be a part of a loving family instead of living in an orphanage or in the foster care system. Georgia couples considering going through the adoption process are giving children hope and opportunities they may never have otherwise.

As one considers a plan for having a family, adoption is one option that comes to mind. However, the stacks of paperwork, waiting periods, emotional and mental stress, financial strain and other bumps in the road make the process seem incredibly daunting. Although there are hassles involved in adopting a child — just as there are when one gets promoted, has a child of his own or moves to a new location — the joy that follows makes it worthwhile. Numerous couples who have adopted a child firmly stand behind the process and go through it repeatedly, growing their family with children from around the world.

Those who have been through an adoption understand the stress it can cause. One man with two adopted sons has been using his karate school to raise funds for couples trying to adopt. He knows how difficult adoption can be, especially financially. His hope with this fundraiser is to assist families who want to adopt, but cannot afford to go through the process. Knowing how much adopting his two boys has changed his life and theirs motivates him to help other families experience the same joy.

Adopting a child is a big decision to make. The process can drain one emotionally, mentally and financially. However, those who have gone through it before believe that the stress is well worth it and is small in comparison to the joy that comes with bringing a child home. Having a firm grasp on the different aspects of adoption is crucial when one prepares to begin the process. Families in Georgia should be well-informed on whatever type of adoption — international, domestic, multiples or from foster care — so that it can go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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