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Promoting adoption in Georgia and across the nation

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2014 | Adoption |

The adoption process has affected the lives of people around the world. Many people who think about adoption only consider the cost and time that it takes. However, with a thorough understanding of the process and a little bit of patience, adopting a child can be remembered more for the joy it brought than anything else. Georgia families looking into adopting a child have the opportunity to provide a new life and a family to someone who truly needs it.

Making people aware of the need for adoption is a large, but incredibly important, task. The number of children without families and in foster care is astounding. The Wendy’s fast food franchise has long been a supporter of adoption, collecting change for the cause for a number of years. The man who founded this company, himself adopted as a child, began a foundation for adoption. Now, the chief marketing officer of Wendy’s is taking this passion for helping children find families a step further.

The move to make adoption awareness an even bigger aspect of their company is simply an outward show of something that has been a major part of Wendy’s since the beginning. Wendy’s restaurants across the country have Frosty Key Tags for sale that promotes adoption; the money earned will go to the Dave Thomas Foundation. Also, the founder’s daughter will be in commercials advocating adopting a child, believing that every child deserves a family. The hope of the company is to make people around the world understand these children’s need for a family.

New commercials, Frosty Tags and donation boxes are three ways Wendy’s is attempting to increase people’s awareness of the number of children without families. Adoption is an amazing way to change the life of a child, or children, in a way they will never forget. As Wendy’s does their part in sharing about adoption, families in Georgia will be able to see the importance of giving a child new life. This campaign can spark an interest in adoption and cause couples to look into the process so they can better understand what it entails.

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