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Adoption in Georgia: taking it beyond foster care

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2014 | Adoption |

Foster care provides homes for thousands of children across the United States each year. With the help of many families, this system allows children who cannot live with their biological parents to have a home, even if only temporarily. Taking the step from foster care to adoption can be intimidating to some, but it completely changes the life of the child given a forever home. Families in Georgia desiring to take this step should use the resources available to better understand what the process entails.

One man was living alone in his spacious home before seeing a special on the foster care system. It was after seeing this that he decided to enroll in the training necessary. This now 49-year-old man has welcomed 15 children into his life and home. In the beginning, the children only stayed for a short period of time. As time went on, the children stayed for longer and longer.

This single father has adopted five of these children, including a former student of his. This young man was already 21 years old when he moved in to the man’s home. All five of his adopted sons are happy to be a part of this family and have a forever home. This dad loves being able to change the lives of children who have gone through various situations and also spends time talking to other families about the joys and challenges that come with both foster care and adoption.

Foster care is one way to reach out to children without a family. However, adoption takes this one step further by providing a child with a home and family. Families in Georgia that are interested in adopting a child, from the foster care system or elsewhere, should research and seek out a greater knowledge of the challenges and requirements involved. After understanding the process, families can better decide if they truly want to change the life of a child through adoption.

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