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Changing life through adoption in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2014 | Adoption |

The number of children needing to be adopted is enormous. Even so, hundreds of thousands of children have already found loving homes through the adoption process. Whether one adopts a single child or an entire sibling group, the lives of those involved will be forever changed. Families in Georgia looking to adopt have many resources available that can assist in this process.

One amazing story of adoption began in a sixth grade classroom. A teacher was dealing with a child that was known as a ‘holy terror’. Besides being dyslexic, the child had a terrible home life and chose to act out. Halfway through the school year, the child’s mom begged the teacher to take her child for the weekend so that things at home could calm down.

While it was meant to be a temporary situation, the days turned into months and years. Just before he turned 30, the man asked to be officially adopted by the couple he had been with since he was 12. He had wanted to be adopted since he turned 18, but had never got it accomplished. Now he and his wife were able to officially become part of the family.

Although he had been considered their son since the beginning, they were now legally a family. The lives of this family have been completely changed from this unlikely adoption. Georgia families can choose to go through this same process and create a forever home for a child in need. Using the resources and experts available, these couples can better understand what the process entails.

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