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Georgia adoption: keeping siblings together

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2014 | Adoption |

Families can take many different shapes, sizes and backgrounds, but the bond between those in a family cannot be denied. Not all family members are related by blood; many families in Georgia and across America include children originally from different states or countries than those of their parents. The process of adoption plays a major role in the creation of families for those who may not have been able to have children otherwise.

One couple had four children of their own before they decided that they wanted to adopt. They had met a little girl looking for a family, and the couple noticed that she was upset because she was missing her siblings. It was at this point that they chose to adopt groups of siblings, so that the children would not feel so alone.

This couple has adopted 15 children as of now, including four groups of siblings. Together they have celebrated the fact that the children are now part of a family. The couple made the choice to reach out to children without families. As they recently gathered with other families to celebrate being adopted, the joy that came from seeing all the lives changed by the process could not be denied.

Adoption is one way that Georgia couples can reach out to children who do not have families of their own. Those looking into adopting a child, or multiple children, have many options available to them. Gaining an understanding of the process, whether international or domestic, can lessen the stress that may come with adopting and make a person more comfortable as he or she takes the next step.

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