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Adoption of sibling groups in Georgia

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2014 | Adoption |

Adoption is a beautiful way for individuals, couples and families in Georgia to provide homes for children who may never have one otherwise. Unfortunately, sibling groups that are placed in orphanages or foster care have an extremely small chance of staying together. Most siblings are split up when they go through the adoption process, potentially never seeing their biological brother or sister again.

Recently, one group of six siblings has gained a great deal of attention in the news. Five of these siblings live together with one foster parent. However, the oldest brother lives with a different foster family and only gets to see his siblings a few times each month. It is generally quite challenging to find a home for such a large group of children, but they refuse to give up hope.

As their story has spread through the news, awareness of sibling groups needing to be adopted has grown. Siblings like these, who have been through abuse and neglect, can adjust much better to their new life with each other’s support. The awareness that the news and social media has caused is very exciting to those officials working with sibling groups like this — giving them hope that a forever home together may not be impossible.

Georgia couples and families interested in adopting have the opportunity to change the lives of children like these. There are a great number of individual children and sibling groups that would love the chance to be part of someone’s family. The adoption process can be long and challenging, but with the resources and authorities available, couples can provide a forever home to children who would love to belong.

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