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Determining child support in Georgia

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Child Support |

Divorce is a process that has become widespread in the United States and is prevalent in society. This process can occur between two spouses who decide they no longer want to be together. However, in some cases, divorce separates a family — the two spouses, as well as their children. When children are involved in their parents’ divorce in Georgia, child custody and child support have to be addressed.

The varying types of child custody require different amounts of support. In an effort to make child support easier to understand, every state has come up with guidelines that specify for what the support is needed. These guidelines vary from state to state, but they generally cover similar aspects.

The child’s basic needs are taken into consideration when child support payments are being determined. This includes food, housing and adequate clothing. Additionally, medical expenses, both insured and un-insured, are assessed. Education and childcare, varying based on location and the child’s age, are also taken into account. Other things like entertainment, traveling costs, and after-school activities are also areas that may use child support payments.

Future expenses, like college, can sometimes be paid for with child support, at least in part. These various aspects are things that are typically considered when determining the amount of child support. Although these guidelines vary by state, child support is largely used for more than the basics. Those working through child custody and support arrangements in Georgia have resources available that can go into more specifics concerning what is required.

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