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Georgia adoption can bring hope to children in foster care

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2015 | Adoption |

There are thousands of children in the foster care system that are longing for families. Adoption of these children provides them with forever homes. Unfortunately, sibling groups are often split up and adopted separately. One family recognized this trend and decided that they were going to adopt a group of siblings so that they could grow up together. Couples in Georgia have this opportunity for adoption as well.

After raising four of their own children, a husband and wife saw the need for families for children in foster care. The couple started out as foster parents to a group of four siblings, then ranging from 2 to 8 years old, who had been removed from their home because of their mother’s substance abuse and neglect. It only took a few months for the couple to realize they wanted to adopt these children.

One year later, the siblings’ half sister was born, and the couple decided to adopt her too. Caring for these young children proved difficult at first, as they attempted to overcome anger, defiance and other issues. Through a lot of love and quality time with the children, their new parents were able to help the children move past these issues. The five children have been able to find a loving family thanks to adoption.

The change that they have seen in the five children has encouraged them to proceed with the adoption of two teenage girls. These children that were once living in a dangerous situation now have a family they can call their own. Adoption completely changes the lives of both the children and the parents involved. Georgia couples interested in adopting a child have many resources available and can seek further assistance from someone with experience in the field.

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