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Foster care adoption in Georgia can change a child’s life

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2015 | Adoption |

Children in foster care typically have to move from home to home as they grow up without a family to call their own. While this system does allow them a house to live in, it does not provide the forever family that can come through adoption. Georgia families that are interested in adopting a child can choose to go through the process internationally or domestically, possibly for a child who has moved around his entire life.

One couple wanted to have another child and chose to adopt a child who did not have a family of his own. Since they decided to adopt through the foster care system, the process included a home study and a 10-week orientation program. This program provides information on the adoption process before the couple has to make any commitment. Before they even began, this family knew they wanted to take that next step.

Adoption can generally be a long and complicated process. However, adopting a child from foster care often takes a year and a half, at the most. Additionally, the state covers most of the expenses, making it one of the less financially draining routes of adoption. The joy that this family experienced from bringing home their son, who had been in foster care for several years, has forever changed them; they are even considering going through the process again.

Georgia families interested in adoption, but worried about finances, may want to pursue this process. Regardless of whether one chooses to adopt domestically or internationally, the joy and hope that they can provide for a child without a family is unexplainable. Resources and those with experience in adoption can further assist those who want to provide a forever home to a child.

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