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Overcoming the challenges of international adoption in Georgia

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2015 | Adoption |

Evidenced in reunions and celebrations, families in various cultures generally provide a sense of community and belonging to those involved. Children without a family of their own lack this feeling and the security that it provides. Adopting a child can radically change his or her life and give him or her hope. Couples in Georgia who are interested can be the forever home for a child through domestic or international adoption.

Families who have gone through an adoption cannot describe the ways that the process has changed their lives and given them so much joy. One family has fostered more than 90 children and adopted six, while raising two biological children. Now, they are in the process of bringing a little boy home from Africa. Although the process is moving quickly, they are still unsure as to when he will actually be able to come home.

The outbreak of Ebola proved to be a challenge in their adoption. The family had made plans to go see their soon-to-be son but was unable to travel. In spite of these difficulties, this family is not deterred and is still excited to visit their almost 9-year-old boy. The chance to spend time with their child continues to make the process worthwhile.

International adoption can come with difficulties, like disease outbreak and governmental red tape. However, the joy that comes when a family brings their child home for the first time is incomparable. In Georgia, there are a wide variety of resources, including professionals in family law, available to families desiring to learn more about the adoption process.

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