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Affects of divorce on retirement and property division in Georgia

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2015 | Divorce |

Divorce has many financial ramifications concerning one’s assets that are important to understand. Whether a couple has been together for a number of years or simply a few months, the accumulation of assets during marriage has to be distributed in the divorce. Couples that are working through this process of separation and division in Georgia have resources available to them to ease the potential stress.

When going through the division of property, it may be helpful to seek the assistance of someone with experience in handling assets. Not all assets have the same value, and the value of an asset may change in the future and may affect one’s taxes in ways he or she may not realize initially. Additionally, this division of assets may play a role in one’s retirement fund or plan.

If a couple has a joint retirement fund, it can be challenging to have this split equally between the two parties. With assistance, it is possible for two parties to negotiate an order that allows for this division without greatly affecting their taxes. Expenses that one may have can drastically differ after obtaining a divorce, since he or she is now living on a single income and covering all living expenses alone.

In light of the changes that divorce brings, it may be beneficial for parties in the midst of getting a divorce to seek the assistance of experienced professionals in Georgia. With their help, one can determine how current assets will be split, while taking into account their current and future value. Resetting one’s retirement plan and division of a joint plan can also be done with as little stress as possible.

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