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Lessons about adoption can be learned from adoptee

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2015 | Adoption |

Adoption is more than just giving a child a place to live. Adoption is giving a child a loving and supportive family of which to be a part. Individuals and couples in Georgia who are considering adoption may be interested in learning more about how adoption is viewed by someone who has experienced it firsthand.

One woman who was adopted as a child reminds families that are considering adoption that all adoptive children are different. Some may want to know about their birthparents, while some may have no interest at all. She also reminds people that adoption should not be kept a secret from the child or others. By making the topic something that can be openly discussed, children can make their own decisions about what they want to know without fear of reprisal.

By keeping the topic of adoption open for discussion, she warns that families and children may open themselves up to being asked uncomfortable questions by others. People who know little about adoption often ask questions about the cost of adoption and the origin of the child with little regard for the feelings of the child or the adoptive parents. She suggests that it may be helpful to expect these types of questions and to be prepared to ignore others’ uninformed opinions.

Finally, she reminds adoptive parents that being a parent is not about biology but about love. The love, stability and support that adoption provides for children makes it worth all of the uncomfortable questions and tough decisions. Georgia couples who are considering adoption should also consider all the aspects of the process and the reality of raising an adopted child. Those who have questions and concerns may benefit from discussing their concerns with a legal professional who has experience in adoption.

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