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International adoption: Georgia couples can change a child’s life

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2015 | Adoption |

International adoption can be an opportunity to provide children with a forever family to call their own. However, there are several things that may keep couples in Georgia from choosing to adopt. Many people worry about the possible cost or the challenges associated with adopting a child from another country, but those who have gone through the adoption process before believe that it is worth it.

One family made the decision to adopt a teenage girl from Haiti three years ago. The couple was excited to be able to provide the opportunity for their new 15-year-old daughter to receive an education and go to college. Now 19 years old, their daughter has been able to do things like go to Disney World, be involved in school clubs and attend other events.

Her adoptive parents chose to adopt internationally because they felt that they could affect someone’s life to a greater extent that way. Because of their choice, this teenage girl has been given three siblings and parents that she can call her own. Although the process can be discouraging, this father encourages other couples not to give up because the children really need loving homes.

Choosing to adopt is a big step for someone to make because it will change the lives of everyone involved. Whether domestically or internationally, adopting a child or sibling group can create a forever family for someone who would have missed out on that otherwise. Georgia couples interested in adoption have numerous resources available to them, including family law professionals, who can assist with this process.

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