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Georgia parents: providing for children after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2015 | Divorce |

For many divorcing couples, there are several options for child custody arrangements. More and more parents are choosing to work together following this separation in order to allow their children more quality time with each parent. Those considering divorce in Georgia may want to consult someone in family law who understands the various aspects of each type of custody agreement.

There have been numerous studies done that show that children who have consistent, quality access to both parents have fewer problems than those who spend the vast majority of their time with only one parent. Since this evidence is relatively new, many states still resort to granting primary or sole custody to one party and only allowing visitation rights to the other party. Couples who are willing to work together, though, can make another type of agreement.

Shared parenting, or co-parenting, gives both parents the opportunity to play a significant role in the lives of their children. It also allows the children to keep and strengthen the bonds that they have with each parent. However, it requires communication from both parties and the willingness to work together in the best interest of the children.

There are resources and organizations that are working to ensure that the best interests of children of divorce are being considered when child custody agreements are being made. Georgia couples that are going through the divorce process can seek the assistance of a professional in this field so that they understand which type of agreement will best suit their situation and the children’s needs. Divorce can be a stressful and emotional time for both the parents and the children, but being prepared for life afterwards is incredibly important.

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