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International adoption possibilities for Georgia families

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2015 | Adoption |

International adoption has dramatically decreased over the last ten years for a variety of reasons. Although many couples are deterred from choosing to adopt internationally because of the cost, time or possible lack of government cooperation, there are organizations and people working to give those children a voice. One way that this is occurring in Georgia and throughout the U.S. is through orphan hosting, which boosts the chances of the adoption of a child.

Orphan hosting allows children who are older or have medical or behavioral needs to spend a month with a family. The children who are approved for international adoption are told that they are going to a camp or on a cultural trip. The family then has the opportunity to host this child for a month. More than three out of four of the families involved through one organization end up adopting the child.

This method of adoption is quite different from the typical international adoption process. The family has the chance to get to know the child and how they would fit into the family before going through the entire process. If they choose to adopt, however, they are still required to fill out the paperwork and go through the process, which typically takes about a year.

There are many opportunities and resources available for families that are looking into adoption. Children in foster care, unsafe home environments or orphanages around the world are longing for forever homes that they can call their own. Couples in Georgia who are interested in adoption can receive assistance from those in family law who have been trained in the process and its various aspects.

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