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Adoption can make a major impact in Georgia families

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2015 | Adoption |

There are families of all sizes in Georgia, but it may be a challenge for one to imagine having thirteen children of their own. That means thirteen mouths to feed, thirteen bodies to clothe and thirteen minds to receive an education. One couple in another state welcomes this challenge and each one of the children with open arms and prepared minds through the process of adoption.

A husband and wife decided more than twenty years ago to adopt children. They currently have 10 children of various ages, seven of whom have special needs of some type. The mother of these children was inspired to adopt after the death of her sister, who had special needs. Not only are her adoptive children from different walks of life, but they also come from a variety of nationalities.

The stories of a paralyzed son, a daughter given up and a girl who moved from foster home to foster home touch the hearts of others, while their parents are filled with joy. This couple testifies that the children are just as much a blessing to them as they are to the children. The number of children’s lives that these people have changed is amazing.

Couples in Georgia who are considering adoption can choose to adopt a single child, a sibling group or more. They may discover that, no matter how long the process seems, the joy that they experience in the end cannot be described. To gain a better understanding of what adoption entails and how to accomplish the required steps, those interested in adopting a child can seek the assistance of someone in the family law field.

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