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Modern divorce options benefit children and parents

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2015 | Family Law |

The dynamics of many families in Georgia and other states have changed over the years, and family law has also changed in many states to reflect modern lifestyles. While it has always been important to honor the best interests of the children, some believe that fathers have gained more rights related to parenting in recent decades. The perception that mothers must have custody and fathers must provide the funds after a divorce has evolved into many instances in which these roles are reversed.

In many marriages, modern mothers are the primary breadwinners, while fathers take care of the children. Fathers may work from home offices or have part-time jobs that enable them to provide child care. In the event of a divorce, it is not uncommon for a wife to pay spousal support to a former husband. More and more couples choose to have amicable divorces that will not jeopardize their parent-child relationships. Divorce mediation has become the preferred method for many couples, and it involves a neutral divorce mediator who facilitates negotiations and encourages communication and compromise when necessary.

Mediation allows couples to remain in control rather than leaving important family-related issues to be decided by a judge. This also provides the perfect platform for drafting parenting plans, and, rather than the traditional way of children being shuttled back and forth between parents, new ways to handle visitation have developed. Some parents choose to maintain separate homes while also keeping the family home. Each parent then spends his or her parenting time with the children in familiar surroundings. This parenting style has become known as the “bird’s nest” arrangement.

Individuals in Georgia who are going through divorce — or considering divorce — may find comfort in knowing that experienced family law attorneys are aware of all the various options that are available to modern families. A lawyer will provide advice, guidance and support to allow a parent to make informed decisions about post-divorce family dynamics. Those interested might be happy to know that modern choices allow for options that will protect the best interests of the children and the parents in order to maintain meaningful relationships.

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