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Georgia adoption: stepparent, private, international or domestic

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Adoption |

November is National Adoption Month, and it has families all over the world celebrating the lives affected by this amazing process. Thousands of families have chosen to adopt children over the years, yet there continue to be numerous children who do not have a forever family. Georgia residents that are interested in the process of adoption have extra access to resources about how it works and people they can contact about it during this month.

Adopting a child can take place internationally or domestically, as a stepparent or through foster care. No matter which route one chooses to take, the impact will last a lifetime. Some adoptive parents set out to foster children who had to be removed from their biological parents’ custody. In some cases, the biological parents end up surrendering their rights, which then opens up the possibility of others adopting those children.

Stepparent adoption can occur after a child’s birth mother or father gives up maternal or paternal rights for custody. The potential new parent can then choose to go through the paperwork process to legally receive custody as that child’s stepparent. Another type of adoption, private or relative adoption, may take place when the biological parent chooses the family, oftentimes a relative, to adopt their child.

Each form of adoption brings children into a family and home that the children can call their own. In the face of so many opportunities and options, Georgia families considering adoption may feel overwhelmed. However, there are professionals in the family law field that can provide information about each option. Once the type of adoption is decided upon, these legal professionals can work with the couples each step of the way.

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