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Parents can work together in child custody after divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2015 | Child Custody |

Children are greatly affected when their parents decide to get a divorce. Many times, children are aware that something is going on between their parents. For this reason, it is incredibly important for divorcing couples in Georgia to be open and honest with their children throughout the process. There are resources available for those going through the divorce process and creating child custody arrangements.

Once a couple has decided to obtain a divorce, there are finances, assets, and other things to get in order. Children may pick up on the tension and conflict between the parents, but it is important for parents to be careful about when and how they tell their children about the divorce and the impending changes to the family’s living arrangements. When the children ask questions, the parents can work together to answer the questions.

Along with this, the conflict that may occur between the two parents can confuse and stress children. No matter what emotions or hurt that one may be feeling, maintaining a positive attitude about the other party is crucial. Showing animosity toward the other parent can cause the children caught in the middle to choose sides.

Divorcing parents have the opportunity to create a child custody arrangement that allows the children to maintain a relationship with both parents. Although it can be a challenge, working together through this custody agreement can take what could have been a stressor for the children and turn it into a chance for them to grow through this new experience. There are legal professionals that can explain the various types of child custody and other aspects of divorce for couples in Georgia who may be considering taking this step.

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