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Children of adoption in Georgia make an impact on their families

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2015 | Adoption |

Adopting a child has the power to make an impact on the lives of numerous individuals and families. One 38-year-old woman has begun to realize this after she adopted a little boy from China. Now 5 years old, this child has Down syndrome but is thriving because of the woman he calls mom. Families in Georgia have the chance to make this impact through adoption as well.

After deciding that she wanted to adopt a child with Down syndrome, this woman searched for somewhere to go through the process. Children with special needs are far less likely to find families than those who do not have any known disabilities. Her little boy was one of the first children to be adopted from China.

Since this event, a project has been started by an adoption service that works to find homes for children with Down syndrome. Another 14 children have been adopted through this project, and efforts are underway to find homes for 40 more. One of these children was adopted just in time for the parents to discover that she had holes in her heart and fluid in her lungs. Because of her adoption, this little girl was able to receive the treatment that she needed.

Adoptions like these do not solely change the lives of the children that are adopted, but also those of their adoptive families. Friends and loved ones that know someone who has decided to go through the adoption process can see this firsthand. Those in Georgia that are considering adopting a child have many resources available to them, including the opportunity to seek assistance from an experienced attorney in the family law field.

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