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Focusing on children’s needs in Georgia child custody agreements

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2016 | Child Custody |

Divorce involves dividing all the things that two people once shared, including the time that each party gets to spend with the children they share. Child custody arrangements outline whether two parents will have joint or shared custody or whether one party will have primary custody. Co-parenting and other shared custody agreements are becoming increasingly popular for Georgia parents going through divorce.

Co-parenting allows each parent the opportunity to spend quality time with his or her children. However, this type of arrangement can be difficult for couples to work through after having gone through a stressful period of separation. Keeping the children’s best interests in mind while planning the various aspects of this agreement can prevent future conflict.

As the two parties move forward with shared custody, it is important not to make the children choose sides. When one parent is continually negative about or toward the other, the children may not feel secure. It can be easier to be positive if both parties work together to create consistent sets of rules to be used in both parents’ households. Consistency can give the children both a sense of routine and feeling of safety with both parents.

Divorce can be a difficult thing for parents and children to endure. Creating a child custody arrangement that fits the children’s needs and best interests can ease some of the tension. Those creating custody agreements in Georgia can seek the assistance of legal professionals who can provide guidance and help during separations and in the future.

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