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Foster care adoption is a possibility for Georgia families

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2016 | Adoption |

Adopting a child is a process that seems daunting to many people. Those considering adoption may rethink the idea because they hear stories of the long waiting periods, troubles in the process and people being at the mercy of another country’s government. While it can be challenging to adopt a child or sibling group, there are many resources available to interested parties in Georgia.

Families can choose to adopt internationally or domestically. In domestic adoptions, the children may be in an orphanage, group home or living with a foster care family. Foster care allows children who were in an abusive or otherwise harmful situation to stay somewhere safe until they are adopted or they age out. Children in the system are not there due to any fault of their own; they are usually there because they were not being well taken care of.

Couples or individuals who adopt from foster care do not have to fit within a specific category related to age, income or marital status. The most important factor is that one is able and willing to provide the love and care that these children so desperately need. Although many think that a child’s biological parent can take them back at any point, this is not the case. Once their parental rights have been terminated, these rights transfer to the adoptive parents, making them solely responsible.

Many factors contribute to the expense, but foster care adoption is typically one of the less costly methods. Couples or individuals in Georgia that may be interested in adopting a child have resources available that can give them more information regarding foster care and domestic and international adoption. Additionally, a family law professional can provide invaluable assistance as they begin and work through this process.

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