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Georgia couples can overcome the challenges of adoption

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2016 | Adoption |

When a child is adopted, it gives him or her the chance to feel loved, treasured and special. No matter what has happened up until that point or how the child got there, adoption creates hope in the hearts of those that are able to find their forever home. Georgia couples contemplating adoption can learn of the happiness and joy that the process creates while also understanding the challenges that may occur along the way.

Already having three children of their own, one couple felt the need to adopt a little girl. Fifteen years later, they decided to go through the process again and bring home two boys. The husband and wife came to the conclusion that they were going to adopt internationally and chose the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They fell in love with a 7-year-old and 14-year-old and began the paperwork to bring them home.

While this part of the process went fairly smoothly, the couple did not anticipate the suspension that the other country would place on adoptions. However, this family did not lose hope. Nearly three years after they began the process, the boys and their adoptive parents met for the first time. Although this adoption came with some time-consuming struggles, the two boys and their parents would not change a thing.

There are children around the world who are waiting for people willing to go through the process of adoption no matter the cost. Some adoptions have many challenges, while others go rather smoothly. In the end, though, the majority would agree that the process was worth the cost, time and energy. Couples in Georgia that are looking to become parents through adoption can receive guidance from a family law professional as they begin the process.

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