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Georgia families can change lives through international adoption

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2016 | Adoption |

International adoption is something that is rather well-known and may even be the first thing that one thinks of when considering adopting a child. Through the years, families in the United States have played a big part in the adoption of children both internationally and domestically. One family’s success story may inspire those thinking about adoption in Georgia to take the next step.

China has been the source of thousands of adoptions by families in the United States, although that number has decreased almost by half with the rise in domestic adoptions. This fact did not stop one couple from looking to China to adopt a child. The child that is now their son had been abandoned because of a heart defect and a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, but he was just the child for which this family was looking.

The couple began the process of paperwork and home visits, making sure that everything was getting done on their side and in China. Just 15 months later, this mom and dad were making their trip to bring their son home. The family has gotten a minivan and begun to celebrate some Chinese holidays to honor their son’s culture. In the midst of all these changes, the parents admit that they would not have changed a thing.

This adoption tells the beautiful story of a little boy finding his forever family. While not all adoptions may be this smooth, the end result is worth the wait. For those considering or beginning the process of adopting a child in Georgia, whether domestically or internationally, there are professionals and various resources available to help throughout the process.

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