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Child custody modification in Georgia

On Behalf of | May 5, 2016 | Child Custody |

Summer will soon be here, which brings a change of pace for many, especially those who attend school during the other parts of the year. For parents who are divorcing or have gotten a divorce, this can be a chance for them to switch up their regular child custody routine. Georgia parents who are interested in allowing a new child custody routine during the summer can have their agreement amended to suit this change.

In order to amend the child custody arrangement, the parents have to allow sufficient time to make the modification. Additionally, this change should be something that both parties agree on and that take into account the best interests of the children involved. More flexibility during the summer months may mean that each parent is able to spend one or two weeks at a time with the children.

Since summertime is also when many children attend camps or participate in other extracurricular activities, it is crucial to work out these arrangements beforehand. Both parties should agree on the activity, it’s time and the cost. If the camp takes an entire week from one parent’s time with the child, the two parties may allow an additional week with this parent at the end of the summer. Deciding which parent, or both, will pay for the activity is also critically important.

Summer break provides an excellent opportunity for both parents to spend quality time making memories with their children. A child custody agreement does not have to make this impossible and can be modified to address summer plans. Family law professionals in Georgia can provide assistance to divorced or divorcing parties that are interested in making these modifications.

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