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Georgia families can grow through adoption

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2016 | Adoption |

Whether domestic or international, adopting a child can completely change his or her life as well as the life of his or her forever family. Georgia residents who are interested in going through the adoption process have a variety of resources available to them to provide assistance. By using these resources and adopting a child, an individual or couple can change a child’s life for the better.

One 63-year-old woman is becoming a mother again through adoption. With three grown children and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she has decided to adopt three young children after being their foster parent for some time. Having been taken from their parents’ care and moved from home to home, these children have finally found their forever home.

One Thanksgiving, the children were surrounded by extended family with a table full of food, and they asked if that’s what families did. It was this moment that showed this new mom what she needed to do and that she really wanted these children to be a part of her family. Now, the three children have a place they can call home and a family that they can turn to no matter what.

This touching story illustrates just how adoption can impact all involved. Children moving from home to home can have a place to call their own and a family that will love them forever. Those considering adopting in Georgia can seek assistance from those in the family law field to help with understanding the options available and various aspects of the process. Adoption changes lives and creates families for those who may never have one otherwise.

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