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Georgia adoption can give children with special needs a family

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2016 | Adoption |

International adoption by families in the United States has dropped drastically over the last couple of decades. As countries change and create new laws concerning adoption internationally, the process may change and possibly take longer. For couples in Georgia, it can take considerably less time to adopt a child with special needs of some type.

A major concern for adoptive families is the medical needs that the children they are adopting may have. Many children with malnutrition, heart disease and spina bifida make up those that can be adopted internationally. While this may make some families less likely to adopt internationally, there are medical programs available that can help once the children arrive in Georgia.

One family chose to adopt from China. Instead of waiting seven years to adopt a child with no known health issues, this couple decided to adopt a little boy who had an infectious disease. When their son arrived, he had fewer issues than they had anticipated and is adjusting to life in America with very few problems. Knowing that they could seek out professionals to help with potential medical challenges gave this family the confidence to bring this little boy home.

International adoption may seem daunting with possible challenges between governments and the possibility to last between months and years. However, this family, like many others, will attest that it is worth it. Couples in Georgia who are interested in international adoption can seek assistance from family lawyers. With their help, one can go through the adoption process knowing what to expect and how to handle challenges as they come.

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