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Georgia child custody: physical vs. legal custody

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2016 | Child Custody |

For many families around the globe, divorce has become a part of their lives. This division between two individuals that were once considered to be one can be complicated, especially when children are involved. Divorcing parties in Georgia can seek assistance from a professional in family law who can explain things like child custody arrangements and child support. With a thorough understanding of these aspects of divorce, the process can be much less stressful.

One of the first things to know about child custody is the difference between legal and physical custody. The latter refers to which party the children will be living with. In shared or joint custody arrangements, both parents share physical custody. Legal custody, on the other hand, concerns one’s right to be involved in making decisions regarding education, religion, and health care options and treatments.

When physical custody determinations are being made, the children’s best interests are the most important factor. This includes taking into account a history of abuse, the child’s relationship with both parents and more. If one parent has primary custody, then the other will solely have visitation rights. In these cases, child support will also have to be determined. While it can be case-dependent, child support is generally related to the number of children concerned.

Divorce can be a difficult and trying process for many, including the precious children whose whole lives are changing. It is for this reason that determining a child custody agreement that meets their best interests is crucial. Georgia family law professionals can assist divorcing parties in gaining a better understanding of this process and the options available to them.

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