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International adoption: Georgia families begin the process

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Adoption |

The number of children in need of adoption is astounding. Around the world, children have been placed in institutions, foster care or with extended family members as they await being adopted into their forever families. Georgia families that are looking into adoption have a variety of resources available to them that can assist with the process.

International adoption was once one of the main methods of adopting children around the world. Tragically, some people misused this system, and children were adopted into harmful situations. Many countries have since then closed their borders completely, with some now reopening, while others have solely closed their borders to particular countries. This results in potential adoptive families being forced to adopt domestically, while children are left without parents to call their own.

Thankfully, most countries have established better adoption laws and reopened their borders to international adoption. While the red tape that comes along with adopting internationally can still prove challenging, family lawyers can assist with the process. It can also be easier and less expensive to adopt older children or those who have some type of disability.

Adjusting to a new family can be difficult but being left alone in an institution is far more heartbreaking. Prospective adoptive parents should gain an understanding of what all the process entails, so that they can be better prepared as they take the first step. Georgia family law professionals are experienced with adoption and can provide assistance to those just beginning. Adopting a child gives him or her a new lease on life and a forever family.

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